The beach bar

Summer everywhere

From early in the morning till late at night, enjoy unforgettable summer moments right next to the sea.

Coffee & Snacks

Here at Almyra, early summer mornings are full of beauty, relaxing sounds and sea views conquered by the blue Cretan Sea. Enjoy a perfect summer morning drinking coffees, orange juices and smoothies while you are staring at the natural beauty of the Agia Palagia cove. Feeling hungry? Satisfy your appetite with a variety of snacks from the convenience of your beach chair. You can select between mediterranean baguettes and club sandwiches with fried chips. You can even enjoy waffles and fruit salads. Whatever you need, we got you!

Cocktails & Drinks

No great summer has ever existed without some cold cocktails while you are listening to relaxing sounds under the hot greek sun or the starry night sky. At Almyra beach bar, you can find the absolute summer pleasure in a range of classic and home made cocktails. Keen on some chilled vodka or a bottle of fine champagne next to the calming sound of the sea waves? Not a problem, we are here to make sure that you are having the time of your life!

Massive Parties

There’s nothing quite like the thought of a beach party to get you yearning for summer. The sand between your toes, the waves lapping against the shore, dancing like crazy around the deck, ice-cold beers, homemade cocktails and sultry beats pumping out of a boombox, those are just some of the things that make us love summer a little more. Nothing says summer like an epic beach party, complete with booze and beats. Whether you are looking for a wild romp in the moonlight or a sweaty daytime dance party in the sun, we have your senses covered.

Almyra Sea Food & Cocktails is the hottest beach spot in Heraklion as it drops massive beach parties that are written with bold letters on every year’s summer book since 2011! Mark Angelo, Playmen and Vassilis Chillichristos are just some of the great Djs that have been on the decks. Whether it’s day or night, weekend or weeknight, the Almyra beach bar is always in full swing, at full capacity and full of sexy club goers. No wonder that Agia Pelagia beach is one of the top party beaches in Crete! Come and feel the summer vibes surrounding your body!

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