Our menu

We use only fresh, carefully sourced and seasonal ingredients to make all our beautiful, rustic dishes.

Let’s start with

Cretan “Dakos”

with freshly grated tomato, mizithra cheese from Chania and drosoulites

Mini mousaka nibbles

with ubergine, potato, lamb mince, spearmint and yogurt cream

Chef's pick

Zucchini blossoms stuffed

with Cretan soft chesses, fried in extra virgin olive oil

Feta rolls

wrapped in a crispy filo pastry with watermelon syrup and black sesame

Wrapped pita breads

with grilled chicken fillets, crispy vegetables and mild mustard sauce

Coarsely chopped fried potatoes

with ripe, grated tomato and barrel aged feta. [Please allow 20’ for serving]

Prawns in tempura batter

with sweet and sour sauce

Crispy deep water prawns

with white taramas - fish roe mousse and raw tomato sauce

Steamed mussels

with sauce of aromatic herbs

Fresh salmon tartare

with anhydrous tomato jellies and virgin olive oil

Thinly sliced octopus

with wine and vinegar in green olive oil sauce, flavored with watercress

Smoked tuna carpaccio

with citron sauce

Squids of the Cretan Sea, fried in olive oil

served with fava beans with tomato sauce


“Cretan” salad

with Armenian cucumber, locally grown tomato, potato, rusk from Rethymno, fresh egg, purslane, olives and fresh ladotyri (oil cheese)

Refreshing salad

with quinoa, marinated white mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, rocket & spicy graviera cheese

Rocket, spinach and endives

with dried figs marinated in green apple juice, walnuts, crushed zynomizithra cheese & pine honey sauce

Tender organic salad greens

with grilled chicken, blanched green beans, fresh mustard greens, toasted homemade bread and diced tomato

Seasonal pick

Aromatic, organic greens

with crispy and juicy bites of salmon with sesame & citrus sauce

Standard cuisine

Turkey burgers

in nests of blanched spiny chicory and lemon sauce

Chicken breast

marinated and grilled with mustard, accompanied by a purée of roasted potato & sun-dried tomato

Pork fillet grilled

with coarse salt and lemon, accompanied by spicy serpentines of potato, graviera cheese and rosemary

Juicy beef steak

with roasted potatoes flavored with oregano

Grilled sardines stuffed

with herbs, wrapped in wine leaf, with oil and lemon sauce of agourida (verjuice), accompanied by a summer couscous flavored with safran

Grilled giand prawns

with vlita (amaranth) salad and steamed zucchinis with warm mustard vinaigrette

Fresh lobsters, from our aquarium

(except from grilled with steamed vegetables, you can also choose lobster spaghetti with chilly seeds, tomato & basil)

Fresh fish (whole & sliced)

accompanied by boiled greens, zucchinis, potatoes & oil and lemon sauce

Rice and pasta

Succulent risotto

with mussels, crab meat and grated unripe lime


with scallops and prawns saganaki



with dusky grouper in tomato sauce, with roasted ladotyri (oil cheese) and freshly ground green pepper

Traditional orzo from the region of Messara

with chicken fillets, tomato and grated dry anthotyros cheese


with briam of carefully selected vegetables and bechamel of malaka and mizithra cheeses from Chania

Sea bass fillet

with spinach tagliatelle and sauce from Muscat of Samos

Creative cuisine

Juicy beef meatballs, kneaded

with leavened bread and vegetables, stuffed with graviera cheese, roasted with tomato sauce & traditional “skioufichta” pasta

Black tagliatelle

with prawns deglazed with aged cognac, tarragon, pink pepper & fresh cream


with fennel root, crispy vegetables and turmeric, roasted on parchment paper

Desalted cod fillet in batter

with crunchy thick-cut potatoes and homemade white taramosalata - fish roe dip

White grouper

with sauce of black-eyed peas, chervil, spinach and lemon verbena leaves

Kakavia soup

with fishes of the Cretan Sea, seawater and fish fillets



with crunchy cinnamon puff pastry, yogurt mousse and sweet sour cherries

Roll with homemade sponge cake

filled with mizithra cheese cream, roasted fruits and strawberry marmalade

Refreshing lime cream cake

with coconut jellies on a crunchy wholegrain biscuit base

Dark chocolate cream

with Madagascar vanilla ice-cream

Kaimaki ice-cream balls

covered with crunchy kataifi pastry with pistachio and sweet bergamot

Chocolate Parfait

with roasted almonds and couverture chocolate sauce

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